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Carpet Binding

Get A Unique Area Rug for Your Space!

Create a one-of-a-kind area rug for your home, right in the McCool’s Flooring showroom! Simply select the color, style, border type, size, and shape you’d like for your rug, and we’ll bind it for you. This way, you can craft a rug that’s perfectly suited for your unique space. To best decide on the size for your custom rug, follow these guidelines:

  • Consider your furniture placement. Either make the rug large enough to go under the front legs of all furniture or small enough that none of the legs are placed on the rug
  • For larger furniture pieces that are not up against the wall, make the rug large enough so that all furniture legs are on the rug
  • In a dining room, make sure that all four legs of the dining room chairs will be on the rug when people are seated
  • A popular option for full-sized rugs is to leave one to two feet of space between the edge of the rug and the baseboards 
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