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How to Use Natural Stone in the Kitchen

How to Use Natural Stone in the Kitchen | McCool's Flooring

For a luxurious connection to nature, a striking culinary space designed with natural stone tile will give your home an inspired, high-end feel with unforgettable impact. Of course, stone kitchen floors will dazzle your guests, whether you opt for slate, marble, travertine, sandstone, or granite. But have you thought about…

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6 Wood Looks for a Traditional Feel

6 Wood Looks for a Traditional Feel | McCool's Flooring

Beautiful, long-lasting, and durable are just a few words that describe the look and feel that gorgeous hardwood flooring is cherished for. In fact, with the right look, hardwood flooring can take a house from ordinary to unforgettable. No matter what trends may come and go, specific colors, textures, and…

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How is Laminate Flooring Made?

Laminate Flooring | McCool's Flooring

The striking visuals and gorgeous textures of laminate flooring have never been more popular! Our shoppers love how easy laminate is to maintain, the valuable price point this durable surface offers, and the many options available inside the showroom at McCools Flooring in Kokomo, IN. The number one…

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